Auto insurance

When it comes to legally operate and owning a vehicle in Texas, drivers must have two types of auto insurance coverage – bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

Both coverages help cover the costs associated with damage or injuries sustained by a third party or a third party’s property. In Texas, you must have at least a $30,000 limit per person/$60,000 limit per accident for bodily injury, and a $25,000 limit for property damage. However, it is important to remember that these figures are only the minimum coverage that you must have and represent the maximum amount of money that your insurance company will pay should a third party be injured in an accident you cause. Any figure about that limit becomes your responsibility to pay to make it significant that you have enough coverage to protect your financial interests.

Additionally, Texas drivers are not required to purchase collision or comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage pays for damage to your vehicle after you have paid your deductible, while comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle from incidents like theft, vandalism, natural disasters, and more. One of the most significant types of auto insurance to have been uninsured motorist coverage. As an example, if you are hit by another driver that does not carry insurance, and you do not have uninsured motorist coverage that you are on the hook for 100% of your medical bills and repair costs.

While the vast majority of drivers act cautiously, accidents are sometimes unavoidable, which makes auto insurance even more significant by helping you stay upright after an unexpected incident.

When it comes to shopping for insurance in Texas, Marfil Insurance Agency, LLC is ready to help.

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Home Insurance

As a resident of Texas, it’s crucial to take a closer look at how you can protect your home because Texas is a state that is vulnerable to disasters such as tornadoes, flooding, wildfires, and hurricanes. It’s essential to have the right and adequate homeowner’s insurance policy to cover your home and your personal property from unexpected incertitude such as fire and theft, among others.

Home insurance policy caters to repairs and replacement of your personal possessions such as furniture, electronics, and appliances if they are pilfered or damaged regardless of their age or condition. Many Texas residents are not aware that standard homeowner’s insurance does not cover floods and earthquakes, thus continue harboring their lone homeowner’s insurance with the perception that it will cover these two perils. Home insurance caters to damages to other people’s property and liabilities for injuries caused by the policyholder or members of your family to other people. This type of coverage extends cover to damages caused by your household pets.

It’s imperative to understand that your mortgage lender will demand some home insurance coverage if you finance your home with a mortgage in Texas. Home is one of your most cherished assets. Visit us today at Marfil Insurance Agency, LLC offices situated in Laredo Texas, and we will help you get the most affordable home insurance policy you need.

Types of home insurance coverages offered in texas

    Dwelling Coverage

    This policy protects the structure of your house, including walls, roof, foundation, and plumbing systems.

    Personal Property Coverage

    This type of policy protects your personal possessions in the house like furniture and electronics if they are damaged or pilfered.

    Other Structures Coverage

    This form of policy protects the physical structures separated from your home, such as a detached garage, fence, and shed.

    Liability Protection Coverage

    This coverage caters to lawsuits costs if a third party sues for either being injured while on your property.

    Guest Medical Protection Coverage

    This is a form of policy that pays for medical bills if someone is injured while on your premises.

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      Commercial Insurance

      Marfil Insurance Agency, LLC. offers Commercial Insurance for Texas Businesses.

      Business owners take many risks in the normal operations of producing a product or service for the public. Unforeseen events can cause financial setbacks that can derail your business plans or even cause catastrophic loss. Commercial insurance helps to cushion these losses, so you can continue to build a successful business. At Marfil Insurance Agency, LLC, we can help you determine the right coverage for your business needs.

      Why Commercial Coverage is so Important for Your Business

      Each business may be exposed to different types of risks. Some companies use vehicles for delivery or for transportation to various sites. Vehicle accidents and injuries can often occur in these situations. Other businesses may work with dangerous equipment, hazardous chemicals, or other elements that can cause injury or hazards to property. All businesses may be vulnerable to severe weather damage or other incidents that cause financial losses. Commercial insurance policies cover a wide variety of circumstances that can occur in the normal course of business.

      Types of Commercial Insurance You May Need

      Your business may need more than one type of commercial insurance to provide full protection against financial losses from unexpected events. Your fleet may require commercial vehicle coverage. You will need general liability coverage to protect against lawsuits or injury on your property. If you own your business property, you will want to insure against damage that could affect the operation of your business. Your workers will require worker’s compensation insurance to provide coverage for medical costs and lost wages if they are injured on the job. Professionals generally acquire insurance coverage against “errors and omissions.”

      Choose Marfil Insurance Agency, LLC. For Commercial Insurance in Texas

      The experienced agents at Marfil Insurance Agency, LLC. can answer your questions about commercial insurance to cover common risks you may encounter in the operation of your business. We offer a variety of insurance products to fit our client’s needs. Contact Marfil Insurance Agency, LLC. today for your free, no-obligation quote on insurance that can protect your business against serious losses.

      Commercial Property & building Insurance

      Texas is susceptible to several calamities ranging from flooding, hurricanes to wildfires. This vulnerability necessities Texas residents who are tenants to have prolific condo insurance to protect their property from the inevitable. Condominiums have become an increasingly popular housing option in Texas cities recently. It’s imperative to understand that condo insurance mostly covers only the belongings inside the unit. This form of policy protects the insured if third-party claims that negligence resulted in property damages and injuries.

      Irrespective of whether you rent or own a condominium, your home and contents are crucial assets. If you opt to initiate a shopping mission for condominium insurance in Texas, our specialists at Marfil Insurance Agency, LLC are here to get you the best quote. In most scenarios, the Condo association’s coverage is halted after the exterior walls, meaning that you are responsible for the interior walls encompassing walls and fixtures. This is the ultimate point when your personal condo policy comes into play. Most condo policies in Texas covers the following perils:


      Fire or lightning










      Accidental discharge of water

      Condominium insurance exhibits its own uniqueness. It covers your personal belongings and liability, including alterations and betterment such as upgraded cabinets you make to your condo unit. Contact us at Marfil Insurance Agency, LLC in Texas to acquire a salient condo insurance policy that continually meets your needs.

      Types of condo insurance coverages in Texas.

      Personal liability coverage

      It protects you whenever an individual is hurt in your condominium and decides to take legal action. It protects you from lawsuits, and that may sprout up in the worst-case scenario.

      Building property coverage

      This policy helps you cater to simple repairs to the wall and the interior of your condos, such as cabinets, floors, lights, in-built appliances, and inner walls.

      Personal property coverage

      This form of policy is responsible for protecting your clothing, furniture, electronics, and appliances if they are pilfered or damaged by a covered peril.

      Loss of use coverage

      It helps to cater to additional expenses like hotel bills if your condo is rendered uninhabitable by a covered peril and you are temporarily living elsewhere.

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      Life Insurance

      Although it may be a morbid topic to discuss, it is always best to prepare your loved ones for their financial future should the worst happen. Since life insurance only pays out the policy premium should the policyholder pass away, it is always a good idea for someone that has people depending on them financially to carry a life insurance policy. When deciding how much of a policy to purchase, give thought to the outstanding financial obligations that will become the responsibility of your loved one when you pass. Start by adding your debts to include mortgage and student loans, and then consider future expenses like college for your children. If you are the primary breadwinner, then be sure that your policy protects your income by providing that to your family.

      Generally speaking, there are two types of life insurance – whole and term. As the name implies, entire life insurance offers lifelong coverage and includes an investment component that you can borrow against if needed. With entire life insurance, the policy is active as long as the yearly premiums continue to be paid in full, the death benefit is guaranteed, and the cash value grows at a set rate. Conversely, term life is less expensive but is only valid for a specific number of years – usually 10,15, or 20.

      Choosing a life insurance policy sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. At Marfil Insurance Agency, LLC in Texas, our friendly and professional staff can walk you through every type of life insurance policy and help you make the best choice for you and your family’s needs. He’ll customize a policy that meets or exceeds your expectations while answering any questions along the way. So don’t wait and give Marfil Insurance Agency, LLC in Texas a call today to learn more about your options.

      Umbrella Insurance

      There are times where you might want to consider adding additional liability coverage to more than one item you insure. If you just want to add it to home or auto you can simply go in and tweak your coverage for your house or your car. However, if you’d like added liability coverage for everything, instead of going in and adjusting all your insurance policies you should consider umbrella insurance. this will provide you with that added liability coverage and it will likely save you money along the way. If you live in Texas and are considering umbrella insurance, or if you want to find out if umbrella insurance is right for you, give our staff here at Marfil Insurance Agency, LLC a call today.

      Why Umbrella Insurance?

      There are times where you might want to add umbrella insurance to your current policy lineup. If you have a child that’s now driving a vehicle and is in an accident, you don’t want someone to try to take you to court and sue you not only for the vehicle but for your house and additional assets. In certain instances, you might be more likely to have these kinds of lawsuits brought up against you, simply because of what you own or your property. Umbrella insurance will help protect you in these instances with the added liability coverage.

      Add Your Extra Liability Coverage Today

      After we sit down and go over what you want to protect and determine it is within your best interest to take out umbrella insurance, we can help provide you with this added protection. Umbrella insurance is a valuable addition to consider, and it is something that will likely help provide you with added peace of mind. So, no matter where you live in the great state of Texas, if you are interested in adding umbrella insurance to your policy, now is the time to give our staff here at Marfil Insurance Agency, LLC a call.